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FCTC - Focolare Carpentry Training Center

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Carpentry training center
Monday to Friday: 8:00am - 5:00pm
Saturday: 8:00am - 2:00pm

Focolare Carpentry Training Center (FCTC)
The Focolare Carpentry Training Center has its beginnings in 1968, forming out of school youth to become professional carpenters, training local managerial personnel in carpentry and encouraging the development of small self supporting handicraft activities.

Every piece of furniture, every finished product is in itself more than a piece of wood, nor just a work of art. It is a treasure born out of harmonious interaction among those who make the center a "home" not only for themselves but also for every person they serve.


The Focolare Carpentry Training Center (FCTC) had its humble start as a social center for adults who possessed particular talents but have no means of sustenance. It developed and grew into a stable institution in 1968 when an Italian master carpenter and two talented Filipino carvers from the Mountain Province decided to pool their skills together and start such an activity. This communion of work gave birth to a manufacturing center for furniture.

The team's creative talents did not escape the eyes of an Israeli interior designer. She commissioned the budding carpentry shop to make a piece of furniture for one of her projects. She was so satisfied that she talked to her friends, relatives and clients about having their furniture made from that shop - if they wanted good quality. From the many Filipino customers, the list grew to include people from other countries who come to the Philippines for varied reasons. All these happened without the minimum effort of advertising.  More...

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